All the students can join as a volunteer of Bharatiya Samata and render their service to NIP (National Integretation Programme. every student giving 2 books distribution to the needy children will registered as a volunteer.

Every student can get free books from their contacts, Lions members, Rotary members, or anyone they know and help to give them to the children. Each volunteer can give to as many children as possible. There is no target that free books should help a large number of children. Depending on the volunteer service, help is provided to the children in the form of free books.

The books received by the help of college volunteers are printed in books in the name of the college and distributed to the school children. The name of the donor who helped more books is also printed on the books and distributed to the school children.

  1. Certificate of service. National level service certificate is a recognition for the kind service and extending help through free distribution of books to the students and uplifting them in their educational back ground for nearly one academic year which is a great boon.
  2. ARC. Anti Radiation Card. As year in the present year people have been addicted to smart mobile phones and facing great radiation effects, the anti radiation card would be a great help to them.
  3. National level integrity award would be a prestigious honour to the volunteers as well as to the institution through which they have been distributed.
  4. Situational Communicative English: Each volunteer will avail a freebie online English class for the development of their communicative and Situational English skills. This will also help them to avail GRE/E.L ‘s opportunities by mastering in the competitive exams for going abroad and other good employment opportunities .
  5. SW Card sachaji world card is a helpful card for availing different job portals and employment opportunities and also uses for other multiple purposes. Nationalised Magazine will be sent to all the voulunteers free of cost.

NIP – National Integration Programme

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